Why use ASB Youtube Bot?

These are the reasons that you should be using the ASB Youtube Bot.

Unlimited Accounts

ASB Youtube Bot allows you to monitor hundreds of individual Youtube accounts at the same time. You may interact with all of your Youtube accounts easily.


All of ASB’s software utilize Multi Thread HTTP Requests, with ultra-rapid and efficient processing speed.

Safe to use

ASB Youtube Bot operates on an emulated platform similar to that of Youtube apps used for Android. Therefore, your Youtube account will be completely safe when used, as long as you do not spam too much.

Update Regularly & Support 24/7

ASB Youtube Bot is updated regularly as Youtube updates its application. We always fix and update new features as required by our customers. Our support team works 24/7 to support you anytime you want!

7 Days Money Back

AutoSocialBots offers money back guarantee with all our ASB Bots for cancellations made within 7 days of the first order. There is no hidden cost in our price list.

ASB Youtube Bot Features

  • Account Manager
  • Auto View Videos
  • Auto View Live Stream
  • Auto Comment Video
  • Auto Reply Comment
  • Auto Comment Community
  • Auto Like
  • Auto Dislike
  • Auto Upvote
  • Auto Downvote
  • Auto Subscribe
  • Auto Create Channel
  • Auto Check Account
  • Spin Syntax
  • Proxy Support
  • Profile Editor
  • Scrape Video
  • Channel Watch Time Boost

Get access to ASB Youtube Bot

ASB Youtube


  • Free Update ✔
  • Can be used in Two Computers ✔

ASB Youtube


  • Free Update ✔
  • Can be used in Two Computers ✔

Update Logs

February 21, 2023
Fix Reply
Fix Channel Creator
August 26, 2022
Fix live chat

Your Questions, Our Answers

Our software can be run stably on Window 7, Window Vista, Window Server, Window 10, and Windows 11. If you are using Mac OS, we suggest you buy a cheap Window VPS to run ASB Bot

All orders are processed automatically after you sent the payment you can download your tool from: https://cp.autosocialbots.com

Yes, as long as you have an active license you will receive free updates.

If you only run one Youtube account with ASB Youtube Bot, you do not need to buy a private proxy. You will need to buy a private proxy when using two or more Youtube accounts. ASB does not work with public proxies.

You will need an automatic captcha-solving account when using our software. We suggest you purchase one at 2captcha.com.

ASB Youtube Bot runs on an emulated platform similar to the Youtube apps used for Android. Therefore, your Youtube account(s) will be completely safe. The accounts can only be locked if you do not abide by the rules on Youtube.

You can only run ASB Youtube Bot on one computer. If you want to run it on a new computer, reset your license here. When you reset your license, ASB Youtube Bot will stop working on the old computer.

Yes. You are allowed unlimited purchases of ASB Youtube Bot licenses.

Yes. You can refund within 7 days after you bought ASB Youtube Bot. If you do not wish to continue using ASB Youtube Bot any longer, please contact us.

We do not limit the number of Youtube accounts when using ASB Youtube Bot.

The purpose of the ASB Youtube Bot software is to help increase the number of real followers for your Youtube account(s)

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